Turning to you her side and shoulder
whispering low in her world of shadow
no teacher has ever managed to hold her
more than two minutes:here comes bravado

a shelfload of teachers was said to freeze
just at the sound of Wilma's sneeze.

In every sense
Wilma's a wonder of indipendence
and a miracle of i m p u dence

although she knows you know
she's up to mischief, she will just show
her surprised look
and if you took
her eyes
for innocent
you'll soon be shocked, electrified
'cause not long after
the whole class will
break out in laughter

mocking and kidding, targeting you
her eyes are lightning to see you through
irony 's running through Wilma's veins
to get some shelter, you'll try in vain

when the whole class's loose
and she feels like fun
find no excuse
you'd better run

restless, unruly, pretends she's shy
yet teachers run when she rolls by

in every sense
Wilma's a wonder of in-dipendence
and a miracle of i m p u dence

May 92