3 6 2004 

it could be a daisy or any flower
to me a rose
is this tearing of petals dew or tears?
does she love me or does she not?
will I ever be forgotten by them all?
separation will not stop me 
nor my memory
from the spinning around this rose
where like petals we all close in on each other
we will stem from each other's shoulder
no pain ever
no time ever will burn deeper
than the passion in these petals: 
Giulia's joy
Romina amor
I miss Irisa
I hold Nicole
for Sara I sigh
Elena I love
Elisa I long
Alberto's bleeding 
he's the thorn 
the stem as well 
for beauty's flow

nicole                sibyl

costantino           giostra                         turned to stone

gabriel                the shadow of himself          huge angel

elisa                    in the garden        three four petalled roses

veronica            beauty goes

romina                se fosse romana

romina                where three streets pour      Stonehenge

sara                    boat fountain          Salisbury Cathedral

romulo                colt

elena                    queen

giulia                    along the corridors of our hotel

ena                        an orange disc

irisa                         il mio fiore slanciato

nadia                        l'eco

ornella                    il piccolo fiore